Julianne and Thomas

February 2020

Littleton, Colorado

Arrowhead Golf Club

When it comes to wedding photography, there’s a whole lot of average, and it’s easy to make the wrong choice. With Beau we very quickly realised that his work was head and shoulders above anything we’d seen before. When looking through his portfolios, we fell in love with his artistic styles, ability to catch great action portraits as well as his formal photos. I was hoping that we’d get something even half as good as the other weddings, and we weren’t disappointed at all – the shots we got back were insanely good!!

When taking our engagement photos, we asked Beau to go to a place he did not have a lot of experience in taking photos. We were a little nervous going somewhere new, but had no reason to be! Beau was great at adapting to the weather, lighting and new environment. Our photos came out absolutely stunning! Neither my husband or I are the most photogenic people, and by the end of the engagement session, we felt like old pros! Beau walked us through the 'normal poses' but also helped catch our unique personalities throughout the session.

Prior to our wedding day, Beau took the time to Scout our venue multiple times prior. We had a winter wedding, therefore we were dealing with different snow amounts and weather conditions, etc. Both my husband and I were so grateful for Beau going above and beyond to make sure our wedding photos would turn out great no matter what the weather or how much snow would be on the ground.

When the wedding day arrived, it went by fast! This is why Beau is perfect for a wedding where the couple wants a journalistic approach to their photos, which isn’t too rigid or posed. Beau really captures a day with all its nuances, rather than a static list approach – so although we got some lovely formal shots, we also have a full documentary of the day, capturing so many candid shots both charming and comical, which after the whole event is over – really feel like we have kept some part of the magic of it all alive and we will continue to enjoy them forever.

If you’re thinking of using Beau for any photography, I would 100% urge you to book him! Other photographers are nowhere near the same standard. Thank you Beau!!


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