Christiana and Derrick

August 2020

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Fetcher Brothers Barn Steamboat Lake State Park

Beau did a truly outstanding job as our wedding photographer (we got married in Routt County, CO near Steamboat). From the very beginning, he was extremely responsive—I rarely if ever went five minutes without a helpful reply (seriously)!! Between his professionalism, top-notch portfolio, and reasonable pricing, it was an easy decision choosing Beau as our photographer. We just got our first round of photos (with edits) only five days after our wedding, and are expecting more later. We could not be happier with the results. Beau has a keen eye for portraits (locations, poses, lighting, angles, etc.)—and takes amazing candid shots as well. He was always available for portraits during the reception on request, but otherwise was extremely discreet. There were so many moments I didn’t even know he’d captured until I saw the photos! Also, we had a huge storm roll in right after our ceremony—Beau went full photographer-superhero, rushing with us to our last portrait spot to get a few more great shots before we ran to the cars in a torrential downpour. Not exaggerating. Again—truly outstanding work. Highly recommend!


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