Anna and Kevin

June 2018

Allenspark, Colorado

Wild Basin Lodge

I said it at least a half-dozen times during the wedding, and I'll say it again: "Beau, you're the best!" Beau is a guy who will calmly and professionally collect and direct your indifferent groomsman, your hyperactive bridesmaids, and insane family using only his charm and friendly demeanor to make two hours of wedding photos actually feel not only bearable, but fun! (and this is coming from the groom!) More importantly, however, Beau is a freaking MASTER of photography! The pictures he took of my wife and I on our wedding day are just... stunning. When he sent us the uploaded album I showed it off to everyone I saw for the next week. Beau captures the best, and more importantly, the most sincere and genuine, moments of weddings. And if any of my friends get married in Colorado, you can be damned sure I will be recommending Beau as their photographer (not that I have to now... they've seen his photos, they know!) Beau, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!! Sincerely, Kevin and Anna


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